Cara: Sleepy AnnaMature

Anna fell asleep on me, and I was too drunk to move, so I just sat there until Matt came in. He glanced at me and tried to smile, then picked up Anna and carried her out of the room. I forced myself up, so that I could follow him and make sure she was put to bed alright. I watched Matt lay her on the bed, cover her up and then walk away. I had to admit I was impressed with him.

"Hey Matt?" I said as we closed Anna's door, "I'm sorry about all the BS ok? I'm just concerned about my friend."

"Yeah I get that. I'm sorry I got so annoyed."

"No problem. Look shall we just try to get on?"


I stuck my hand out, glad to see it wasn't shaking because the coffee had sobered me up a little.

He shuck it and then I grinned.

"Alright well I'm off to bed. See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah." He said and went to his room. I disappeared in to mine.


Checking my phone in the morning revealed several texts from Amy wondering where I'd gone. I refused to answer. I couldn't face Tamara.

Instead I went to see Anna, and found her drinking water in the kitchen.

"Morning." I muttered, feeling a distant throb in my head.

"Morning." She said, looking how I felt.

"Good night." I said.

"Yup." She answered.

That was about as intelligent as our conversations got, and we both grinned when we realised our brains were not functioning properly.

Matt came in and I decided to leave the two of them alone and go and have a shower. It was best they worked it out together, but alone.

The End

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