Anna: CoffeeMature

“Will you walk in a straight line” I giggled, half hiccupping as Cara lent on me and we tried to amble our way through the pitch black of the night to the flat. My night had been the best night I’d had in a while, the feeling of utter freedom washed over me as I realized that I had no lectures the next day, I could sleep in and I had no uni work to focus on.

My key turned in the lock and Cara and I stumbled into the flat, tripping over an invisible door mat (which was probably really our feet which wouldn't walk in a straight line) and falling flat on our faces in the hallway in fits of hysterics.

“Looks like you two had a good time” Matt said, his head poking out from his bedroom door to see Cara and I lying on the floor giggling madly like a couple of hyenas. “Yes we did” I chortled pulling both myself and Cara to our feet and then planting a kiss haphazardly onto his lips. “But I am not drunk…. I promise” I said slurring my words and leaning on him.

“Course you’re not” Matt said sarcastically before scooping me off my feet and into his arms, “Come on beautiful, let’s get some coffee down you and sober you up.”

“But I am not drunk” I protested, “I didn’t drink that much” but Matt wasn’t listening, instead he was making his way into the kitchen, Cara was stumbling after us. Matt dumped me onto the kitchen couch and Cara plopped down next to me, grinning an alcohol induced toothy grin at me.

“You know, that was the best night out I have had in ages” I enthused, I had been so wrapped up in everything and making sure I was up to date with everything that I hadn’t had a proper night out to let my hair down in ages. If truth be told, my hair was not so used to being up in a bun; I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had forgotten to let itself down.

“Yeah me too, let’s do it again real soon okay” Cara said still grinning broadly at me. Matt pressed two steaming cups of coffee into our hands  and told us both that we had to drink the coffee and at least a pint of water before bed and our heads wouldn’t feel sore in the morning.

I drank, allowing the warm liquid to course though me, the alcohol seemed to be wearing off now and I my eyelids were becoming heavy as I became warm and sleepy.

Too comfortable to move, I set the half drunk mug of coffee onto the table and allowed my head to loll, coming to rest on Cara’s shoulder.

My eyelids now too heavy to open I allowed myself to drift off to sleep, after an action packed and much enjoyed night.

The End

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