Cara: ThreatsMature

As I waited for Anna to return with her ID, I pushed my way to the front of the bar and ordered a drink. Then I wandered round until a table freed up, and slipped on to it almost as the others were vacating.

As I sat, sipping my drink and bobbing my head ot the music, I noticed that there were a couple dancing more wildly on the dance floor than others. And then I realised that it was in fact Amy and Tamara, and Tamara had her hands all over MY girlfriend. I slammed my drink down, earning a look from the people nearest me, and went over there. I crept up behind Amy and slid my arms round her waist.


She turned and grinned, throwing her arms around me.

"Cara!" Her lips met mine and I could taste the alcohol. She was very tipsy. "Mmm..." She muttered as we broke apart. "Your lips taste good."

I blushed and then smiled. Suddenly, Tamara appeared in front of me.

"Dance Amy!" She cried, taking Amy's hands and throwing her in to another wild dance.

"Stop! I need... I need the toilet!" Amy cried, hiccuping between her words.

"Alright go." Tamara said, and Amy waved at me before stumbling off. As soon as she was gone, Tamara rounded on me. "Look, you little whore. Amy's mine, always has been, and I'm not letting you steal her away just because I haven't seen her for a while. So get your grubby hands off!"

"No. She's my girlfriend, and I'm not letting you take her off me, no matter what."

"Just because she's your first girl doesn't mean you're in love with her you know. After a while you'll get bored and go after someone else. I'm not letting you hurt her, even if I would get her afterwards."

I pushed her and watched her fall in to someone before stalking back to the bar. I got a bottle of cider and returned to my table. That bitch. Tomorrow I was talking to Amy and sorting this whole thing out.

Just as I was thinking of ways in which to torture Tamara, I saw Anna coming towards me. I downed my drink before standing.

"What took you so long?" I asked.

"Sorry, long story, will explain later." She said. "Let's get some drinks in."

"I don't like this club; it's not as good as the club that's back on campus. Can we go to that one instead? It's a lot cheaper too."

She nodded and said:

"But... you're buying the first round of squashed frogs."

I poked her for her cheek but smiled in agreement, and we headed out of the club.

The student club was packed too, and we soon got to partying like no one's business. I forgot how many drinks I'd had as I tried to drown out the sad feeling I got every time I thought of Amy and Tamara.

In the end, Anna was the one supporting me home, and as we reached the door of the flat I felt so happy that she was there with me.

The End

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