Anna: The ApologyMature

“You look incredible” I said as Cara finished her little twirl, it was the first time I really noticed how much effort Cara put into her appearance and it was the first time I really realized how naturally beautiful Cara actually was. I had seen her first thing in the mornings when she’s  had really bad bed hair and if I am honest she still looked incredibly beautiful, and it made me wonder how I was the one with the boyfriend and she was still single … it made no sense.

Cara smiled at me, grabbed her bag and put the large strap over her head so it hung down without getting in the way, then she offered her arm and I linked it with hers.

“Hey there is that new club just opened, just outside campus fancy checking it out?” I asked Cara as we grabbed our coats and made our way of the flat and locking the door.

“Yeah, sounds like a superb idea” Cara said grinning broadly at me as we walked out of campus and down the footpath in the direction of town.

“Looks like everyone else has the same idea as us” I commented, looking around and spotting other uni students heading in the same direction as us, some just walking out of campus, others racing down the road in their ‘done up’ cars with their windows wound down and music blasting from the speakers hidden in the boot.

“Well its Friday, everyone is hitting the pubs and going to the clubs, this new one is bound to be packed”

“Better it be packed than dead” I said, “But by the looks of that crowd surrounding the entrance and those menacing looking bouncers flanking the doorway I don’t think we have to worry about it being dead” I said nodding my head towards the crowd of what looked to me mostly students eager to get in as fast as they could.

The bouncers looked flustered and annoyed, one very nasty looking one was having an argument with a girl who looked about our age who seemed to be pleading with the bouncer to let her in but the bouncer was denying her entry shaking his head. As Cara and I drew nearer we could make out what she was saying, the girl jabbed at her id again before almost shouting at the bouncer,

“Look I’m over eighteen” she said with a soft hiccup.

“I know you are miss but you are too drunk, I can’t allow you to go in this intoxicated, go home miss”

The girl started arguing again but my attention was drawn from the bouncer and the girl by a deep voice shouting, “Who’s next please?”

Cara and I moved forward to the front of the queue, Cara gave her ID to the bouncer who examined it closely before giving it back to her, he then turned to face me.

I rummaged through my bag for a good minute before realization struck … I had left my id back at the flat. I turned grimly to Cara,

“Look you go in and I’ll meet you in there; it appears I have left my ID back at the flat.”

“Well I’ll come with you” she said but I shook my head,

“I’ll be fifteen minutes tops” I promised before giving the bouncer an apologetic look and slipping though the gap in the crowd and making my way speedily back to the flat.

I rushed into my room and grabbed my ID off the table, I made to leave but something in the corner of my eye caught my attention, a folded up piece of red paper was sitting on my pillow, I picked it up curiously and unfolded it to find that it was a note.


I have been a realprat and I am truly sorry, I never meant to hurt you and you have every right to be mad at me. I hope you can forgive me, I now know what it’s like to lose you and my life isn’t complete without you in it. You are my reason for living, my whole world and my life was nothing before I met you.

Please forgive me, I truly do adore you Annabella Hawman

Matt xx

I reread the letter several times before smiling to myself and folding the letter back up and putting it in my bedside draw. He had gone to the trouble of writing me a sorry letter, I couldn’t stay mad at him any longer not after the sentimental almost pass-me-a-bucket things he had said in his letter.

“You found my letter then?” A voice said and I turned around to see Matt standing in the doorway.

“I thought you were working tonight?”

“I was, but it was dead, because everyone is in that new club, the boss shut early”

“Oh…” I said looking down at my boots with great interest and avoiding eye contact with Matt.

A hand caressed my cheek and lifted it upwards so I had to look at him,

“Am I forgiven?” he asked me, I could feel his warm breath on my face and I paused for a moment before pulling his lips closer to mine and kissing him passionately.

“Does that answer your question?” I whispered in between kisses, “I love you so much…” I pulled away before Matt could kiss me more and so I could finish my sentence, “… but I only popped back to get my ID, I’m meant to be out with Cara this evening.”

“Aww, don’t you fancy snuggling up with me and having some you and me time?” he said, his eyes not looking at me but more at the amount of cleavage my dress permitted me to have showing … I must say that this dress is one of my favorites because of the fact the boys drool over me when I am wearing it however I know they are thinking that it would much better on their bedroom floor.

“Sounds tempting babe but I promised Cara” I replied hurrying out of the room before he could protest and making my way speedily back to the club.


The queue now was none existent and after showing the bouncer my ID, I slipped inside, paid the entry fee and gave my coat to the lady behind the counter who stamped my hand to prove I had paid and allow me to come back in if I left for any reason.

It took me a while to find Cara, weaving in and out of the drunken dancers until I spotted Cara sitting at a table on her own, with a bottle of cider in front of her which she downed when she saw me coming.

“What took you so long?” she asked getting up,

“Sorry, long story will explain later” I said, “Let’s get some drinks in” I suggested but Cara looked uncomfortable.

“I don’t like this club, it’s not as good as the club that’s back on campus” she said, “Can we go to that one instead?” she asked …. “It’s alot cheaper too” she added.

I conceded at the look Cara was giving me, “But … Your buying the first round of squashed frogs” I said, which earned me a soft poke from Cara but she agreed with a smile.   

The End

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