Anna: The DreamMature

I didn’t go back to the flat straight away, I was still fuming that Cara had stuck up for Matt, did it really matter if Matt had apologised, a five letter word wasn’t going to suddenly relinquish any sour feelings I had towards him at that moment in time, it certainly wasn’t going to make the upset go away, he had tried to make me choose between him and my best friend and to have Cara stand up for him afterwards made me even more annoyed … I just couldn’t understand why!

I sat on a bench and watched the milky pinky purple of the evening sunset fade as night drew in, star speckled and cloudless. A cold breeze began to blow I wrapped my coat tight around me and decided to make my way back to the flat.

It was a rare fortune to find that the flat was empty when I arrived back; I grinned to myself as I unlocked the front door and slipped inside. I shuffled into the living room and flopped onto the couch and grabbed at the remote and started flicking absentmindedly through the channels.

Nothing much was on, nothing of interest anyway, a documentary on the making of the Disney films was about the most interesting thing I could find but even that didn’t have me hanging on the narrators every word.

I stretched myself fully on the couch and watched although my eyes were slowly drooping shut at the narrator’s monotone voice.

I could hear giggling from a room off the main corridor in the flat, as I drew nearer the giggles were quickly stifled and replaced with the sound of someone hushing.     A male voice speaking in a whispered tone too low for me to make out who it was told the girl who was giggling to be quiet or she’ll hear them.

I crept closer to the room which the voices were emanating from peering though the keyhole and into the room. A boy and a girl were cuddled up next to each other on the bed underneath the duvet and instead of giggling the girl was now moaning with pleasure. The duvet slipped slightly, I gasped, the boy and girl underneath the duvet were none other than Cara and Matt which meant that the person Matt was so worried about hearing them had been me.

I woke with a start sitting bolt upright on the couch with cold sweat running down my face. The TV channel I had been watching was now broadcasting a quiz show which was of no interest to me so I turned the TV off and wiped the sweat off my face.

I closed my eyes replaying the dream in my head and trying to work out what it meant, and then a thought struck me.

“Maybe the reason Cara had stood up for Matt was because Matt was cheating on me with Cara?” I asked myself allowed but shook the idea away.

“No!” I said reasonably to myself, “Cara hates him, she would never go for him and anyway she’s my best friend she wouldn’t do that to me.” I said reasoning with myself before nodding and believing the fact that Carawouldn’tdo that.

“You know it’s the first sign of madness talking to yourself” a voice said from behind me making me jump. Cara leaned against the living room door.

“So what were you talking to yourself about?” Cara asked, smiling slightly at me.

“Oh nothing” I said feeling the blood rush to my face, how much had she heard?

“Look Cara,” I began getting up from the couch and grasping hold of her hands but Cara cut me off before I could finish.

“Before you start apologising for snapping at me, don’t it was my fault for taking his side, I’m sorry Anna” she said.

I pulled my best friend into the biggest hug I could muster and squeezed, not wanting to let go.

My mind seemed to settle now seemingly convinced with my rational explanation that the dream was just that … a dream, with no meaning whatsoever. The idea that had flitted across my mind minutes previously that Cara could have been playing away with Matt seemed simply irrational.         

The End

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