Cara: Amy's friendMature

I didn't go after Anna. She was annoyed and she needed to calm down. After all, he had been apologising.

I headed back to the flat and changed before making myself a snack. As I munched away at a sandwich, I thought about the argument. It was silly, I don't even know why I stood up for him, but I had and now Anna was mad at me. I hated Matt even more.

When I'd finished with my snack I did some work for a while and then headed to the dance studio. When I arrived, Amy was there, as usual.

"Hey." I said, and gave her a kiss.

"Hey." She whispered as we broke apart.

We started to dance and as I bent in to an arabesque, the door opened. Amy let go of my waist and leg where she was holding me and I stood.

A slim red head walked through the door, caught sight of Amy and grinned. Then her eyes slid to me.

"Amy, honey, who's this?"

Amy ran over and hugged her before turning to face me.

"Tam, this is Cara."

"Nice to meet you" I volunteered.

"Yes." She said, in tones that suggested it really wasn't. "I'm Tamara, Amy's best friend."

"I wanted you to meet Cara. I wanted Tam to meet you."

"Well, it's nice to meet a friend of yours." I said, fending off the not so pleasant look I was getting from Tam by taking Amy's hand in mine. Tam's eyes flashed before she smiled at Amy.

"So, don't let me stop you. I'll just join in." And she went to the side, putting down her bag and taking out dance shoes.

I returned to where I had been and stood once more in arabesque. Amy took my waist again, and just as we were about to turn, Tamara's voice piped up.

"You need to straighten your leg Cara. And you two shouldn't be that close, there needs to be some distance for full support."

I was about to argue when I felt Amy pull slightly away. Frowning, I straightened my leg to the point where I was practically breaking it.

We continued like this, always with interruptions by Tamara, until I thoroughly disliked her. As we left the building, Tam tucked her arm through Amy's and said:

"Well goodbye Cara, see you soon!" Before she began to pull Amy away. Amy stopped her and hugged me.

"Goodnight Cara." She whispered, kissing my cheek lightly.

"When can we get together again?"

"Well Tam's staying for the week, so all three of us could..."

"... No it's alright. I'd rather wait. For the two of us I mean." And with that I gave her a quick peck and walked away, emotionally bruised about Tamara's attitude towards me. What the hell was wrong with her? What had I done wrong?

I walked in the flat, slammed the door, slammed my door and fell in to my bed.

The End

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