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I grabbed my bag from the lecture hall and mumbled something to the lecturer about a family crisis before running as fast as I could to get to the flat. When I made it inside I ran straight in to Anna's room and jumped on to the bed.

"Honey, what's the matter?" I worried over her as she cried. I wrapped my arms around her and she turned in to my chest, weeping and sobbing as hard as possible.

"Me... and Matt... argued."

I might have know he'd have something to do with this.

"About what?"

"You... and sex... and me and him."

She stopped sobbing just long enough to get out the words before she began again.

"Now listen, listen to me. This is mainly over tiredness and stress. You need to calm down and sleep."

I rubbed her arm and kissed her forehead as she finished crying.

"He... he..."

"He what?"

"He doesn't like that I'd rather be with you than him. He thinks I don't care!"

"Well, he should know we're best friends. Nothing stands in the way of that."

"But he thinks we should spend more time together..."

"You've been spending nothing but time! So you have two days off from the heated closeness and suddenly he has a stress?"


"Look, you go to sleep, and I'll stay here till you do."


"Unless you go to sleep, I'll go and tear his throat out."

She blinked, recognised that I was telling the truth, and lay her head back down. I stroked her hair until she slept, and then carefully moved myself from under her and went to find Matt.

"Oi! Arsehole."

"What?" He glared.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Acting like that with Anna?"

"Look, she thought I was talking about sex, and I just wanted to spend time. But she's too busy pining for you that she hasn't got time."

"We've hardly seen each other over the past few weeks because she's been attatched to you. So back off will you?"

"No, she's my girlfriend!"

"Well she's my best friend!"


"So, chicks before dicks."

"Fuck off."

"Why don't you?"

"Because I actually like her, and I want to spend time with her, rather than going off and putting new friends before your other ones."

"She knows I'd rather be with her."

"Oh really?"


"You sure about that?"

I wasn't, but I answered with a yes anyway.

"Well then, you won't mind if you go and do more of that, and leave me with my girlfriend will you?"

"If you mess with her, you'll have me to deal with."

"I'm so scared."

"You really should be." I said, glaring at him, then stalked out and back to Anna's room. I lay next to her and let my eyes shut.

Anna was in front of me, her eyes welling with tears. I asked her what was wrong and she just shook her head. I tried to get closer to her, asking her again what was wrong, but all she did was point over my shoulder. I turned and saw Amy lying on a bed, beckoning to me. I turned back to Anna and saw disappointment in her eyes. Then Matt appeared and she turned to him instead of me.

I woke suddenly, my nightmare still reverberating round my head. Anna was still asleep next to me.

I sat up and pondered my nightmare. Was it right? Were my feelings for Amy driving Anna towards Matt, despite what he was doing? I hoped not.

Anna awoke and yawned. She looked up at me.

"Where you here the whole time?" She asked.

"Almost all of the time. Come on, it's time for some food." I said, seeing that it was five in the afternoon. I had an hour till my dance lesson.

The End

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