Cara: MorningMature

"God you look awful." I said as soon as I saw Anna's face. She frowned.


"All nighter?"


"Thought I heard you up at six."

"What were you doing up at six?"



Anna handed me a cup of tea and I took a sip.

"Thanks Anna."

"So, how was you're night?"

"My night?" I was a little worried for a minute, thinking she knew but then I remembered the lie I had told. "Oh, yeah it was good. Didn't you ask me that last night?"

"Yeah, but I want details now. Anything to help me keep awake."

"Well, we had food, and then I went back to my friend's house for a while."

"Whose your friend?" She asked suggestively.

"Not that sort of friend." Although in reality it was. "Just a friend I've made on the course."

"Oh. Nothing interesting is happening Cara! I need juicy gossip."

"You're the one creating it with Matt. How far have you two got again?" I winked cheekily.

"Oi, shut it. We're waiting."




"You still don't like him do you?"

"Well it was hardly going to change in a night, especially a night where I didn't see him, was it?"

"Fair enough. I wish you would like him though."

"I'm civil to him for you."

"Yes but I think he notices."

"Well,  I don't care." I said grumpily, then re-thought. "Sorry. I'm just a little sad that you are with someone I don't like. I always thought I'd love whoever you got with, just because they chose you."


I grinned and hugged her.

"Well, I have a lecture to get to. I'll see you after? We'll have dinner."


The End

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