Anna: All NighterMature

 I had so much uni work to get though I was now struggling to get through it plus my boss at ‘The Buzz’ had finally arranged my shifts meaning that I would be working every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights which meant that I’d have to work doubly hard to get everything done and to top it off I’d been given another assignment to be handed in by Monday.

I threw my pen down on the desk and gave an almighty sigh, I’d locked my bedroom door to stop myself being distracted by Matt, who’s now done all his uni work so far and was now watching telly. Umpteen cans of Red Bull were overflowing from the bin underneath my desk in an attempt to increase my concentration and motivation yet the work still looked to me a mountain.

I’d resigned myself to the fact that in order to get everything done on time I’d have to pull an all nighter, something I’d not done since my first year of college when I’d been revising for a Math’s GCSE re-sit which I subsequently failed because I’d fallen asleep in the exam, but I could see no other way to get all my work done on time.

I’d given Cara a few texts throughout the night saying things like;

Bored stiff here, hope your having fun hun. Anna xxandThat new club is open on tomorrow, do you fancy going if you’re not doing anything. Anna xxin a vain attempt to distract myself from my college work but Cara must have been having too much fun to respond.


The front door clicked open and shut unusually late and glancing up at the clock I saw that it was 1am and Cara had only just got back. I crossed my bedroom and unlocked my door and peered out.

“Good time?” I asked Cara gave a little start then whirled around in surprise; she’d obviously thought everyone would be asleep.

“Anna, I’d thought you’d be in bed, Yeah great time thanks but I’d shattered now!” she said with a little yawn. “Sorry I didn’t reply to your texts, my phone was on vibrate and I didn’t feel it or hear it, I’d love to go to that new club tomorrow but we’ll arrange it properly in the morning as I am dead on my feet now!” she said yawning again and shuffling towards her bedroom. “Night” she called before her bedroom clicked shut.

I shuffled back into my bedroom and pulled the ring to open another can of Red Bull, I’d stocked up on Red Bull when I made the silly decision to stay up all night, however I think my body was getting used to the effects of Red Bull because despite my efforts to stay wide awake I was still yawning and my eyes were still drooping and my body was screaming at me to go to sleep.


At 3am I opened another can of Red Bull, yawning all the while.


At 5am, I just had the assignment which Mr. Rogers had set for the weekend left to do, sighing I pulled out my textbook and began scribbling down notes.

By 6am the first rays of sunlight were peeking in through my bedroom window and some birds were tweeting their early morning song and bringing in the new day which looked to be just as overcast as the previous day had been.

I had finally finished all my uni work by the time 8am rolled around and sick to the back teeth of Red Bull I shuffled wearily into the kitchen both contented and irritable to make a cup of tea, huge bags clearly visible under my dark blue eyes.

The End

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