Cara DinnerMature

I felt bad that I had plans with Amy when Anna obviously needed some friend time, but I was so curious about these new emotions that I couldn't pass up a dinner. And besides, I reasoned, if I were to go out with Anna tonight, I would spend the entire time thinking of Amy, which would not be fair to Anna.

At six I showered, and then got ready for my... well, my date. Unable to decide what would be suitable, I finally put on some skinny jeans and heels, with a nice top and my leather jacket. I was smart/casual, and ready to go. I looked at my phone and saw it was half past. I had better wait fifteen minutes. I wandered out in to the hallway and knocked on Anna's door.

"Come in!"

I opened the door and walked in.

"Hi. Sorry about this evening. Are you free tomorrow?"

"Yeah I think so." She said, looking up from her desk. "You look nice."


"Where are you going all dressed up like that?"

"You think I'm overdressed?" I worried. "Maybe I should change."

"No no you look fine. What's got you all nervous?... oh my god! Have you got a date?" She asked, dashing from her chair to grab me before I ran out.

"No... I haven't... it's not..." I babbled, which increased her suspicions.

"Yes you have! You're not telling me!"

"I haven't, honestly."

"Than why can't I come?" She asked.

"It's... an english thing. The english group are having a meet in a restraunt where we get a discount."

"Oh. Well that's fair enough." She dropped my hands and backed off a little. I took a breath. thank god I was a good actress.

"So anyway, we can go out tomorrow and I'll dress up for you if you want?"

She laughed.

"Yes that would be good."

"Great. So I'll see you then?"

"See you." She slumped back down to her desk. "Enjoy your meal while I slave away at all this work..."

I laughed and closed her door. Then I walked slowly down the stairs and out the front door. Walking slowly was making up the time, and it had only just turned seven when I arrived outside the housing block which Amy lived in.

A door opened a little way down and I saw her head pop out. She waved me over and I grinned, feeling nervous, but went over there. I entered the house and smiled. It was exaclt how I thought her house should be. Warm wooden flooring, and cream walls for the hallway, with a wooden staircase ahead. By the side I could see an open doorway, and inside a kitchen. Amy's head appeared around that door.

"Come in, come in." Then she looked me up and down and sighed with a smile. "You look gorgeous." I grinned and slipped off my jacket, putting it on the bannister, and walked in to the kitchen. Wooden work tops and the same cream walls in the corridor decorated this room, and Amy was busy by the oven. She was cooking.

"You're cooking?" A smile lit my face because it seemed so warm and romantic, which set my heart alight and made me tingle all over. It was exactly how I would wish.

"Yes, I hope you don't mind. I like to cook."

"It smells lovely." I walked over and she reached up to kiss me and then hurried me away.

"Let me finish, else it will  burn." She chided jokingly. I smiled and waited, leaning on the work top. "There, done." She said after a few minutes, placing the food, which appeared to be a stew, on the side. Then she removed her apron and displayed a dress, showing that she had dressed smart/ casual like myself. I smiled that I had got it right.

"You look beautiful." I murmured, looking at the way her hair curled round her face. A blush rose in her cheeks.

"Oh, I'm a little warm. It's all this cooking." She explained, feeling her cheeks. I smiled at her excuse. "Well, the dining room is through there." She pointed.

I turned around and went through the door, to see a beautiful table, set out for two. There were some lit candles in the middle, and the lights were low. I walked over to one of the chairs and sat, while Amy brought in the bowl of stew and placed it in the centre. As she was going back in the kitchen I asked whether I could help her with anything.

"No no, let me treat you." She re-entered with some rice and salad, returning one final time to fetch a bottle of red wine.  "I hope you like wine."

I nodded.

She poured me a glass and sat next to me, then gestured for me to serve myself. I helped myself to rice and stew, and then waited as she served herself.

We began to eat, and while we did, chatted. She wsa an engaging woman, fascinating and intelligent, and as we sipped wine and ate I realised how mature this was, and how much it suited me, and her. When we had finished she led me to the living room which was lit by a fire, and then we ate a chocolate souffle on the sofa.

I sighed in content as I set down my plate and spoon, and leaned against her gently.

"You do realise you just set a scene from a romance movie don't you?"

"That was the intention."

"Oh really? And why would you do that?"

"Hmmm... maybe so that you will always remember your first date with a woman?"

"First date ever."

"Really?" She asked, shocked.


"Someone as beautiful as you has never been asked out?"

"Well yes, but never by anyone I wanted to go out with."


I turned to look at her and she leaned down planting a kiss ever so softly on my lips.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" I asked jokingly.

"Maybe a little." She kissed me again. "Is it working?"

"Maybe a little." I replied.

"Then I'd better start washing up before something happens you might regret later."

She stood and picked up my plate.

"Like what?"

"Like more than just kissing. On our first date... we really shouldn't."

"Oh no, I would never... I mean, I really like you... but I would have to get to know you..." I said a little flustered.

"I feel the same." She smiled, planting another kiss on my lips before going out of the room. As soon as she had gone I sat back on the sofa and fanned myself. I was suddenly feeling very hot.

The End

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