Anna: Other PlansMature

I was relieved when Cara and I had sorted out our differences and were friends again, I now understood why she had felt so upset. I smiled to myself as I watched Cara hurry away and subconsciously started making plans to make it up to her later. I replaced the heavy psychology book on the bookshelf and hurried out of the library in the direction of the lecture hall, intending to apologize to my lecturer for missing the lecture.

Students were all filing out of the hall as I approached and after the mass of people had all gone I slipped into the hall in hope that I could catch my lecturer before he left.  Mr. Rogers was packing away all his papers when I reached his desk and looked up when I saw me approach.

“Sir, I am so sorry I missed your lecture I ….”

“Save it Miss Hawman, I am sure you have 101 excuses as to why you missed my lecture but frankly I do not have time to hear them. On my desk you will find a copy of the PowerPoint and your assignment for the weekend” Mr. Rogers said in a bored tone of voice. I nodded and took the PowerPoint and the most recent assignment off the desk and made to leave but Mr. Rogers called me back;

“Miss Hawman, please try to come to all lectures, skipping lectures could result in failure of your first.”

I opened my mouth to argue but before I could say anything Mr. Rogers had left through a door by his desk leaving the hall quite empty, I hadn’t justskippedthe lecture, for his information Ihadbeen reading a psychology textbook from the library … id just fallen asleep … Who did he think he is!


I dumped my bag and laptop onto my bed and almost threw the notes and assignment I had got from Mr. Rogers onto the desk before slamming my bedroom door and making my way into the living room and flopping onto the couch next to Cara.

“What’s got you all annoyed?” she asked

“Mr. Rogers didn’t take my absence from his lecture too great and said that skipping lectures would lead to my failure”

“He’s right there” Cara said.

“Yeah but Cara, I didn’t skip it intentionally … I fell asleep” I said, anger boiling up inside me.

“I know you didn’t skip it intentionally Anna” Cara replied in her calm and understanding voice, don’t get wound up!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to take it out on you, anyway what are you doing tonight Cara, fancy going out” I asked smiling hopefully at her.

There was an awkward silence which I took to mean she had other plans

“Oh” was all I could say before leaving the room and going to get on with some uni work.

The End

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