Cara: DreamsMature

Amy and I spent the rest of the class talking whilst we danced. I wanted to know about her, and her sexuality. She was shocked that I had never liked women before, apparently she'd got that vibe from me, that I liked women that is.

As I walked back I had almost forgotten my argument with Anna until I closed my door behind me. Then I remembered and felt guilty, so I went in to her room. She was asleep.

I lay in my bed, thinking about my kiss with Amy.

her lips were so gentle- unlike anything I had felt before, and the heat and tingles in my stomach had felt like fireworks, launching in to the sky. I'd felt a blush in my cheeks, and seen the same thing happening to her.


I drifted off somewhere around thinking about her hair, and when I woke the next morning I was smiling. I practically skipped in to the kitchen and started making myself toast, singing and wiggling.

Matt walked in, frowned at me, and sat down on the sofa. I ignored him and continued to sing.

My toast popped and I dumped some jam on it, and then jumped on to my stool at the table to eat.

"Morning hon." said Matt.

I turned and saw that Anna had just walked through the door.

"Morning!" I said cheerfully, and then realised that we hadn't made up since yesterday. her face was confused and my smile dropped, before I turned round and continued eating.

The End

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