Anna: Letting The Dust SettleMature

I had only ever fallen out with Cara once before this and it had been over something so petty that I couldn’t remember all the details however I do remember that it had been a cold autumn day and Cara and I had been playing in the newly shed leaves, laughing and joking, carefree, however an argument had broken out about something – I can’t even remember what but it broke that bond of friendship, and I could remember not talking to Cara for a whole month and it had been the worst month ever!

I had felt so lost without her and I had cried myself to sleep every night until we made up.

I shuffled miserably out of Cara’s bedroom closing the door with a soft ‘click’, the image of her face, contorted with anger swam through my head and several tears slipped from my eyes. I had seen Cara lose her temper before but never at me, and until she had shouted minutes previously I never quite realized how ferocious her wrath actually was.

I considered going back in and apologizing to Cara but I knew that it would probably be best to ‘let the dust settle’ before trying to make it up with Cara, so I went into my room to try and do some uni work.

It was just no use, I just couldn’t concentrate, I wanted to give Cara a hug and tell her that I was truly sorry for ignoring her for the past few weeks, and that I hadn’t realized until she had pointed this out to me, but I knew that in the towering rage that she had been in, this would have just turned into yet another argument.

I forced myself to do some uni work and concentrate on something other than how I was going to sort things out with Cara later, however when I couldn’t stand the sight of uni work a minute longer I shoved it all into my bag, got into my pjs and climbed into bed.

I lay wide awake in the darkness of my bedroom my ears listening to nothingness until the closing of a door and the turning of a key in a lock told me that Cara had returned from her dance lesson.

There was a timid tap on my bedroom door moments later and I quickly turned onto my side, shielding my face from view of my bedroom door and pretended to be asleep as Cara poked her head around the door.

“Anna” she whispered, “Are you awake?”

I kept my breathing steady and did not make a sound, and after a while my bedroom door clicked shut again and Cara had gone.

I had wanted to make up with Cara but something in me was still bubbling with anger and was not ready to forgive just yet ….. I’d leave it until the morning.  

The End

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