Anna and Matt Show.Mature

Over the next few weeks I came to feel as though it was very much 'The Anna and Matt Show', rather than the Anna and Me show which seemed to be taking a break. Although I still saw her, chatted with her, and had a laugh, Matt was always there. And what was worse was that Anna wanted him with her, all the time. I had no alone time with her whatsoever. And I needed my best friend right now.

I'd had no dance lessons since my night out with Amy. There were always excuses, both from her and me; marking, essays, feeling ill, feeling tired... These were only half true. On my part at least. But tonight was when we were to have a dance lesson and so far there had been no cancellation. I only had half an hour to go so I was changing when there was a knock on my door.

"Who is it?"


"Oh. Come in. Unless Matt's there. I'm changing."

She slipped through the door and closed it behind her.

"Matt's doing work."

"Good for Matt."

"Look, I know we haven't spent much time together lately..."


We have spent time together!"

"Not just us."

Ok... so to make it up to you I thought we'd have a girly night."

"Can't, I've got dancing."

"Afterwards then?"

"Yeah, maybe." I was a bit short with her; feeling hurt that she had been away from me so much and at the same time worried about seeing Amy again after our brief stare at each other before we parted. You could have cut that tension with a knife.

"Look, if you're mad at me, why don't you just say?" Anna cried, her hands on her hips.

"Anna, don't be a drama queen. But yeah, I am a little mad that my best friend ignores me for two weeks because she's got a guy."

"Oh for god's sake! Just because you don't have a boyfriend!"

I winced.

"Thanks Anna. Great friend you are. Don't let the door hit you."



She sighed and then stormed out. I grabbed my bag and left for the studio.

Amy was warming up as usual. I threw down my bag a little harder than normal and began strecthing in silence. After a while Amy came over.

"Alright, what's up with you?"

"Nothing." I snapped. She looked slightly offended.

If it's really nothing, then you can go over to the bar."

I stormed over, more angry at myself now. I began going through the exercises, but my mind was elsewhere. Soon Amy started commenting on my positioning, my line. It was when she came over and pushed my foot higher in an arabesque that I felt a shock from her fingertips and span round. She was staring at me, and god I must have looked wild.

"Stop getting at me!"

"I'm not, I..."

"You are! I haven't had a class in weeks and then you come and attack everything about me, when you're the one whose been off with her boyfriend..." I stopped, realising that I was now talking as if Anna was in front of me.

"I don't have a boyfriend." She said, coming closer and taking my hand. "What's got you in this state?"

"Me and Anna, my best mate, we fell out before I came here..." I started sobbing and put my head on her shoulder. After a few seconds she hugged me tight to her. I sobbed it out for a while, and as I began to dry my eyes, I felt her begin to rub my back comfortingly. I suddenly became aware of the closeness of our bodies; how I could feel her chest pushed against mine. Her hand rubbed circles in to my back; it felt comforting and pleasant. Then I felt her kiss my head, through my hair, and I automatically looked up. Her nose brushed past mine, and I took a breath before reaching up to dry my eyes. As I wiped the left, she wiped my right and then began stroking my hair around my ears. I stared at her, looking in to her eyes then down at her lips. Our noses touched again, and with that I tilted my head and allowed our heads to join at the mouth.

Her lips were soft and smooth against mine, and at first I just kissed them. But then as I felt some warmth in my stomach and throat, I let my arms wrap round her body as hers were round mine, and our kisses became more desperate and passionate.

I was soon gasping for air, and she was backing away.

"Oh god. I cannot believe this happened." She said, ringing her hands.

"What's the matter?"

"If anyone finds out... I could lose my job..."

"No, it's legal. I'm over eighteen."

"But still..."

"I won't say a word. I promise. Not a word to anyone. If only..."


"I only you'd let me try that again?"

She chuckled and returned to me, running her fingers through my hair before our lips met once again.


The End

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