Anna: ReconciliationMature

When I got back in and my hands had found a nice sweet cup of tea I shut myself away in my room, determined that I would do some uni work and not get behind, and Matt was still sulking.

As I had predicted I got hardly uni work done as my mind wasn’t working properly, it kept wondering away from the psychology essay that I was meant to have done for the next day and focussing on Matt.

I put down my pen and got up and made my way out of my bedroom, along the corridor and tapped very lightly on Matt’s bedroom door and waited.  No one answered.

I poked my head around the door and found that Matt wasn’t there, I checked the other rooms - there was no sign of Matt anywhere. “Have you seen Matt anywhere?” I asked as Kelly emerged from her room. “I saw him go out earlier Hun” she mumbled before shuffling away into the kitchen.

My heart fell slightly at the news that Matt had gone out without telling me, I checked my mobile, nothing … not so much as a text message …. Surely Matt wasn’t making a big deal out of a tiny little argument … if so then he was being petty!

I made my way into the living room and settled myself on the couch next to Cara who look up from the telly at my expressionless face then said in a slightly worried tone “everything cool?”

I brushed her concern away with a “Yeah, everything's fine. What about you?"

“Yeah, I’m fine” she said simply.

We sat in silence for a few minutes watching the pictures on the TV flicker (Cara had put it on mute to talk to me) then breaking the unbearable silence I said;

“Not dancing today?"

"Ummm..." she said before lapsing into silence once more

"I'm going out tonight so I thought I'd give it a miss."

"Oh, where are we going? I asked, thinking I shouldn’t really go out as I had work to be getting on with but I didn’t have work tonight as ‘The Buzz’ was fully staffed tonight so I might as well go out.

"Well... actually... I'm going out to a dance competition tonight."

"Oh, can't I come?" I pleaded, Cara had always been an amazing dancer and I loved to watch her dance gracefully without a care in the world.

"Yeah, of course!"  She said but there was a note of awkwardness in her voice which made it quite clear that she didn’t want me to.

"But you'd rather I didn't, right?" I said glumly, imagining my boring night in faced with the prospect of Matt not talking to me and a mountain of uni work to get though.

"It's... it's just..." Cara started but she faltered

"Dance stuff?" I finished for her.

"Yeah." She said with a sigh, "But you can come if you want..." she added quickly but I shook my head.

"No don't worry about it." I said, thinking about my uni work which the magic fairies weren’t going to do in the night and needed my attention.

"Oh... ok." She said looking slightly put out as she had gone though all the effort of trying to convince me not to go then saying I could go if I wanted, only for me to turn down the offer, I gave her a hug and we both headed out of the living room and back into our own rooms.


Thick heavy droplets of rain were splattering onto the window pane as I watched, night had drawn in and still there was no sign of Matt … the uni work lay forgotten on the desk as I just couldn’t concentrate knowing that Matt was blatantly ignoring me, 12 texts and 20 unanswered phone calls would be waiting for Matt when he finally checked his goddamn phone … my god, clingy orwhat!

I checked the clock, 9pm.




I finally allowed the tears which I had been suppressing slip down my cheeks and let out a sob, I’d pushed him away!

The front door clicked shut making me jump and I heard Matt’s voice ring out saying,

“Hi, I’m back!”

I wiped the tears away from my face with my sleeve and sat myself at my desk, pretending to be working and sure enough I heard Matt’s footsteps getting closer and closer and then my door creaked open.

A wave of emotion came over me as I looked up at him from my desk, and I launched myself out of my swivel chair and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck.

“Hey, what’s brought this on?” he asked pulling out of the embrace and brushing away more tears which had fallen.

“Where were you?” I asked him, “You were ignoring me, I sent you messages and rang you” I said my voice breaking.

“I had a lecture, then I went to a friend’s house and we lost track of time, I didn’t answer because my phone had died on me”

“Oh” I said feeling slightly stupid to say the least, “Oh Matt, I’m so sorry for earlier” I said, my eyes welling up.

“No, I’m sorry Anna I shouldn’t have pushed you, if you’re not ready I’ll wait for you” he replied beaming down at me before swooping down and pressing his soft lips firmly against mine.

The End

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