Cara: Lack of face suckingMature

When Anna and Matt returned, there was a definite lack of face sucking. I didn't want to jump to conclusions... but it seemed like there was a bit of tension there.

As soon as Anna and I were alone I asked her if everything was good. She brushed it off with a:

"Yeah, everything's fine. What about you?"

I left it, but resolved to interegate her later.

"I'm fine."

Not dancing today?"

"Ummm..." I'd called off the dance session I was supposed to be having now, but Amy had suggested we go to the club which held street dance competitions for one that night. "I'm going out tonight so I thought I'd give it a miss."

"Oh, where are we going?"

"Well... actually... I'm going out to a dance competition tonight."

"Oh, can't I come?"

"Yeah, of course!" I said, hoping I hadn't caused offence and at the same time hoping she'd get the hint that I wanted to go alone despite the fact that I didn't know whether I really did want to be.

"But you'd rather I didn't, right?" She asked.

"It's... it's just..."

"Dance stuff?"

"Yeah." I finished lamely, knowing I should really have told her to come. "But you can come if you want..."

"No don't worry about it."

"Oh... ok." I hugged her and went to my room to get ready.

It had to be something I could dance in, so I chose patterned tights, denim shorts and a nice top. I slipped on my leather jacket and grabbed my bag to fill it with all my night out stuff.

"Right I'm off!" I cried to the flat, and then ran out.

I met Amy outside on the road and we headed to the club. There was a bit of a silence between us tonight, and I wasn't sure if it was because I felt a little awkward now I had discovered my attraction to her.

When we reached the club and had gone in, Amy bought me a drink.

"Here, it doesn't start for a while yet. Are you ready for a fight to the death?" She laughed.

I laughed back and nodded, taking a sip of my drink.

Three drinks later and the competition had started. Me and Amy smashed it, but unfortunately we didn't win. There were some really talented dance crews there.

I bought Amy a drink and we sat at the bar, chatting. The alcohol had put my nerves at rest, and I was just being myself.

Within an hour we walked home, swerving slightly, and giggling a great deal.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow." She said.

"Yeah, see you tomorrow."

She was walking away when she suddenly turned.

"I had fun."

"Me too." Our eyes stayed linked together, and then all of a sudden...

"Ok, see you then." I said, failing under the tension.


We parted.

The End

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