Anna: Too Fast...Mature

I hurried out of the flat, pulling my coat on for warmth  against the bitter cold air.  I could tell that my face was still slightly red after Cara finding out about me and Matt  but i knew that by the time i got the the cafe no signs of embarressment would be present on my face.

I pulled open the cafe door shivering slightly from the cold and stood for a moment basking in the warmth of the cafe before spotting Matt sitting at a table and hurrying over to greet him. I stole a quick kiss from him before sliding into the seat next to him and pulling off my coat.

"Hey Beautiful" he breathed, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me closer to him, I inhaled his scent and sighed a contented sigh, he always smelt so nice and it made my heart skip a beat every time i remembered that I could kiss him whenever i wanted because he was my boyfriend!

"What you having" he asked grabbing the menu from the middle of the table with his spare hand and opening it so that we could both peruse through it.

"I think i'll have a nice cup of tea and urm...." I broke off, i wasnt really feeling very hungry or maybe it was just the fact that everything just sounded so nice that i couldnt make up my mind"

"I'm not really hungry if i am honest" I said throwing the menu down on the table

"How about we have a drink then we can go back to the flat where its less public and have some fun then i'll cook us both something?" he suggested with what he must have thought was a seductive smile.

"Cara is trying to do some uni work at the flat and I'm not ready Matt"

"Please" he whined pouting his bottom lip like a kid who had just been told he cant have sweets as it would spoil his dinner. He then began kissing me, starting on the lips then tracing my neckline and his hands which were hidden from public view underneith the table began to wander.

"Stop" I murmered moving a few inches away from him, "You're going too fast for me, can we just slow down please?" i asked cupping his face in my hands.

He smiled at me, stole a quick kiss and nodded.

As we made our way back to the flat however there was an awkward silence between us, something which I didnt want to break, I could tell that he was sulking.

The End

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