Anna: Officially An ItemMature

The weeks proceeding that kiss with matt seemed to roll into each other and so far Matt and I had managed to keep a low profile and managing not to arise too many people’s suspicions about whether we were an item or not. Although saying that, I had the sneaky suspicion that Cara seemed to know something was going on ever since she had managed to read a text from Matt in which he proclaimed his undying affection for me followed by a dozen kisses. Cara’s response to this had been enough to make my face go red with embarrassment; "Yeah, and the little kisses at the end would be the most public snog-a-thon in the world if it were real."

Cara, I must admit though was like a dog with a bone and would not let the subject drop, it seemed that the more I persisted that there was nothing at all going on between Matt and me, the more she believed that there was.

“I can tell when your fibbing Annabella” she said playfully giving me a soft poke, “You can’t keep a straight face!”

“There is absolutely nothing going on between me and Matt” I exclaimed but my face let me down, the corners of my mouth twitching and pulling my mouth into an embarrassed smile.

“Honestly” I said trying to hide my face from view but Cara threw a cushion at me which subsequently resulted in a pillow fight with the sofa cushions, in which we both ended up on the floor howling with laughter.

“Go on Anna, you can tell me” Cara said after she had recovered from laughing so hard, “Don’t make me have to get the thumbscrews out” she joked, earning herself a pillow in the face.

I sighed, finally conceding, “Me and Matt are dating and let me tell you, he is the best kisser ever!

“Aww congratulations Anna” she said hugging me, however there was something in her voice I couldn’t quite place…. No it couldn’t have been disappointment could it?

I grinned back at her and she smiled back at me, however I could tell that her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes, perhaps Cara enjoyed the chase more than the capture in the sense that she enjoyed forcing the information out of me more than finding out that it was true?

“Soo” I said grabbing Cara’s hands, “Have you met any hotties at uni yet?”  

The End

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