Cara: KissesMature

When I got inside I noticed Anna and Matt were sat in the living room. They seemed a little cosy.

"Hey you two, how was the first shift?" I asked, grabbing a glass and filling it with juice. Out of the corner of my eye I watched them try to move apart a little.

"It was great. Tiring but great." Anna answered, smiling as I turned to face her. "How was your night?"

"Good. The others will probably be out for longer. I walked a friend home."

"Oooh... who? Is there something you're not telling me?"

"Hahaha no!" I laughed, although for some reason I felt a little heat in my cheeks. "Anyway, I'm going to go to bed." I said, trying to cover the pink flush.

"You're not telling me something..." She said laughing.

"What? There's nothing." I said, backing away. She got up and chased me along the corridor. "Says the one who's getting flirty." I added before shutting the door.

"Shush." I heard her say through the door, before she stomped back to the kitchen.

I went to get in to bed.

As I lay there, all I could think of was how nice Amy had looked. She'd been dressed up in a little black dress, and she had black heels on and her hair was curled. She'd actually looked... what was the word?


I drifted off to sleep wondering why that was the only word in my vocabulary to describe her at the moment.


Anna's phone buzzed in front of me. I picked it up, saw it was Matt who was texting her, and read the text. There were kisses on the end.

Anna appeared through the door and saw me with her phone. She snatched it from me and stuck her tongue out.

"Hey, that's not fair." I said, "You always read my texts!"

"Yes, well this one is private." She giggled, seeing who had sent it.

"Yeah, and the little kisses at the end would be the most public snog-a-thon in the world if it were real." I jested, grabbing my bag and leaving before she could take a swipe at me.

The End

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