Anna: UnexpectedMature

I was shattered by the end of my shift and was ready to go to bed; I pulled my coat on and set off back to the flat, pulling my coat tight around me as the air was getting cold. I was just about to listen to my I-pod when Matt caught up with me panting slightly indicating that he had been running.

I gave him a warm smile as we started walking at a slower pace, allowing Matt to catch his breath,

“You got the hang of job pretty quickly” Matt said grasping hold of my hand and swinging it, It felt quite nice to spend time with Matt, his touch made my heart race and I found it quite hard to catch my breath when I was around him, but I couldn’t be falling in love with him could I? I mean that’s preposterous, I had only just met the guy.

We walked in silence for a few minutes allowing the cool night air to blow through my hair which I had just released from its hair tie. “So…” I said trying to make polite conversation, “What do you think about Uni then?” I asked him. “Well…” he said, “Lots of parties, sexy girls what’s not to like?” he replied throwing me a cocky smile which seemed to melt my insides.

Silence fell over us again as we walked and before we knew it we had reached the flat, from the outside I could see that the others were still out partying as all the lights were off. I fumbled in my bag for my keys and unlocked the door stifling a yawn. I meandered into the kitchen, flicked on the light and crossed over to the kettle and flicked the switch.

“I’m making a brew, do you want one?” I called to Matt, who poked his head around the door at the sound of my voice, “That would be smashing darling” he replied giving me another cocky smile.

I walked towards him and grasped both his hands in mine, making his eyes widen obviously his mind buzzing with the prospect of getting something more than a brew. “Sugar?” I asked grinning at him.

Matt laughed then totally by surprise he bend down slightly and pressed his lips firmly against mine, and my heart started beating ten to the dozen. I pushed my lips harder against his and wrapped my arms around his neck, not wanting the kiss to end.

When we finally broke apart, I was lost for words and after several attempts at stringing a sentence together I said simply, “Well, that was unexpected.”

Matt cocked his head and looked at me uncertainly and I bit my lip unsure of what to say next. After much deliberation I finally settled on, “So you want sugar in your tea then?”  

The End

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