Anna: Flirting With A StrangerMature

There was a soft tapping on my bedroom door and I pulled it open, straightening my uniform as I went to find Cara in the doorway, her face fell when she noticed that I was wearing my uniform.

“Oh, you’ve got work” she noted grimacing slightly

“Yeah” I replied

"Oh, that sucks. We're going out tonight."

"Oh no! I'm going to miss it!" I moaned lackadaisically not feeling so enthusiastic about my new job anymore; it was obviously going to cut into my social life.

"Well, it's your own silly fault for being so careful and getting a job." Cara said and I smiled, ready with my comeback, "You'll thank me when I'm getting your ass out of debt."

“Probably” Cara conceded and we both laughed

"Have you been to dance tonight?" I asked, spotting that Cara would need to get changed if she was going out because she was still wearing her simple black leotard.

"Yeah, Amy is amazing! Literally, she's so good!"

"Wow, someone's a bit of a teacher's pet." I joked

"Well she is! I mean, wow."

"Alright, flipping heck! Don't start drooling." I laughed as I watched Cara go red in the face.

“Anyway Cara, have a great night out, I’ll be wishing that I was there with you but I have got to go to work now” I said wishing I didn’t have to. I gave her a quick hug, shouted bye to the others and left the flat for the 10 minute walk into the middle of campus and to ‘The Buzz.’

I pulled my I-pod from my pocket and slipped the earphones into my ears, selected shuffle songs and allowed my mind to wander and my feet to automatically take me in the right direction. I hadn’t been walking for more than 5 minutes when someone tapped me on the shoulder, I whirled around startled by the unexpected tap and was surprised to see Matt stood panting next to me – he had obviously been running.

I pulled my earphones out my ears and put my I-Pod in my pocket, “God you walk very fast, I had to run to catch up with you” he said still gasping for breath. I let out a small laugh, “Nah, you’re just a guy” I joked giving him a wide smile which he returned.

“So you feeling better now, only I think you were a bit hung over this morning” I asked as we started walking again, “Yeah thanks, that orange juice really did the trick, how did you know that?” he asked interestedly. “Oh well, I have had enough hangovers which have led me to search ‘hangover remedies’ into Google in between trips to the toilet to ….” I suddenly stopped and bit my tongue very hard, I thought I had gone over the top with the details and matt would think I was some alcohol addict but when I looked around to look at him he was laughing.

“What?” I asked, “What’s so funny?”

“You” he said, “You’re just so ….. I don’t know”

I suddenly found myself blushing, I barely knew the guy and here I was flirting with him and surprisingly he was flirting back.

“You're so easygoing and fun to be around Anna, I like that, you’re a canny lass”

I smiled at him and mumbled a “thank you” whilst trying to shield my red face from view.

We reached ‘The Buzz’ and Matt led me around the back where a door stood ajar, Matt and I slipped through it and I found myself in a small cloak room.

“Hang your coat up quick we’re late” Matt whispered checking his watch.

“Ah crap” I groaned what a way to start.

The End

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