Anna: Hangover RemediesMature

We munched our way through the 18” pizza I had ordered for the pair of us whilst giggling furiously at a DVD of Lee Evans I had got from blockbusters. The clouds which had been tinged a pinkish colour by the setting sun less than half an hour previously had now turned pitch black and it sounded that the wind was blowing a gale outside, boy was I glad that I wasn’t going out in that.

The DVD ended and Cara let out a stifled yawn, "Think I'm going to go to bed Anna. Not that I need my beauty sleep of course." She joked winking at me and I laughed, she wasn’t lying she was very pretty; she had short brown pixie hair and chocolate brown eyes which anyone could get lost in. I allowed my mind to wander momentarily to how happy she would one day make someone and if they ever hurt her I would make sure that they paid dearly.

"Ok, well I'll probably do the same then." I said giving her a quick hug then retiring to my room, changed into my pajamas and climbed into the warm embrace of my bed.


My alarm buzzed at half past eight the next morning and pressing the stop button on my alarm clock I forced myself out of bed, shuffling sleepily into the bathroom and washing the sleep from my eyes. Footsteps outside my room told me that one of the other flat mates was already awake and after pulling on some leggings and a top and a thick jumper, I made my way into the kitchen.

Matt was sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of bland toast in front of him which he seemed to be struggling to eat, I guessed that he was ... shall we say delicate.

“Morning” I yawned crossing the kitchen and flicking the switch on the kettle and grabbing a mug from the cupboard and grabbing a teaspoon from the draw.

“Morning” he mumbled clasping his temple, he looked pale and I guessed that he had drunk a little too much alcohol the previous night. “Good night?” I asked him, “I can’t remember how I got back home” he said attempting another bite of toast.

I grabbed the carton of fresh orange juice and poured some into a glass, “here drink this it will make you feel better” I said placing it in front of him and he looked up at me as if I was mad, “honest, it wont kill ya” I said with a smile. He mumbled something about being half asleep and coffee, “no no no, caffeine will make you more dehydrated, avoid it today!” I said firmly.

“I have work tonight too” he groaned sinking his head into his hands and whimpering pathetically.

“Really, where do you work?” I asked interestedly.

“The Buzz” he said simply.

“That’s interesting” I murmured to myself leaving the room with a mug of tea in my hand, “I’ll see you tonight then”.  

The End

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