Cara: Night inMature

The pizza was delicious and as we sat watching our film I realised that Anna was and always would be my best friend. She really was amazing.

When the film finished I let out the yawn I had been holding in for the last ten minutes.

"Think I'm going to go to bed Anna. Not that I need my beauty sleep of course." I winked. She laughed and stood up with me.

"Ok, well I'll probably do the same then."

"Ok." We headed off to our seperate rooms and I locked mine, before slipping off my clothing and getting in the shower. Once I was clean I pulled on my pjs and climbed in to bed. I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow.


The next day I headed out earlier than normal, because I wanted to find Amy and accept her offer of dance lessons on the side. At some point in my sleep I had realised that I loved dance too much to give it up now.

I decided to check the studio first because it was closest, and as luck would have it, Amy was there, warming up. I watched her through the door for a while; she was stretching her leg up past her head, and keeping it away from her curly auburn hair. I knocked when she's put her leg down and went in.

"Hi," she grinned, spotting me, "So, have you decided?"

"Yes. I'd like the extra classes. I can't drop English, as much as I'd like to, so anything extra would be great."

"Alright then. Well we'll have to compare schedules- do you have yours?"

For the next ten minutes we compared and fixed five times a week where I could have a class. Three of them were with first years and two with just her, and as I went away I smiled and thanked her for giving up her spare time.

"That's when I usually practice in here on my own. It will be nice to have some company." I left after that, and went to sit in an hour long lecture about stress, rhythm and metre in poems. Then I returned to the flat and copied up my notes.

I was turning in to a proper little student.

The End

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