Anna: Night In With CaraMature

It had been a long day, true I had only had one lecture but I was so hung over from the previous night the effort of dragging myself out of bed and going to the lecture even though I was late had been draining.  I arrived back at the flat holding my application form from ‘The Buzz’ triumphantly in the air like it was the most precious thing in the world to me, I filled it in the instant I got in and slipped it carefully in an envelope ready to be returned to the café the next day.

Cara bounded into the room grinning from ear to ear; “You look happy” I smiled urging her to tell me why, Cara bounced up and down on the spot and gave an excited squeal and clapped her hands together, “I’ve been offered a place in a dance class” she said her voice unnaturally high.

"Wow Cara! That's amazing!"

"I know. I just... I think it would be too much to drop English and I don't want to press on her time..."

 "Oh for goodness sake Cara, this woman is handing you a chance at what you want! Take it!" I said rolling my eyes at typical Cara behavior.

I grinned before bounding into the living room to tell the others, Dan, Kelly and Matt were all sat on the sofas and they were all talking about how their day went. “Guess what!” I said grinning at them all who all looked up at me with questioning eyes. “Cara has been offered a place in a dance class, this is like her dream!”

Kelly jumped off the couch with a gasp of delight, and pulled Cara into a hug who had just followed me into the room, her face slightly pink with embarrassment as she wasn’t used to getting all the attention. “Well done Cara, does this mean we won’t be doing English together?” she asked pulling out of the hug and looking up at her, Cara was quite a bit taller than Kelly.

“I haven’t made a decision yet” Cara mumbled, obviously still deep in thought.

“Well I think we should all go out and celebrate” Matt suggested strolling over to Cara and wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer to him, but Cara said “Not tonight, I’m pretty shattered but you lot go out and have a good time” she then pulled herself out of Matt’s grasp and flopped onto the now vacant couch. “I’m a no too I’m afraid” I called over the babble of protests from Kelly, Matt and Dan, “I’m still hung over!”

“Are you two sure?” Dan asked looking from me to Cara a slight grimace on his face, both Cara and I nodded, “On your own heads be it” he said before leaving the room and waving the others to follow.

After the others had gone, I dumped my things back in my room which was still unlocked from that morning and strolled back into the living room; Cara was still slobbing on the couch deep in thought, the TV was on but I could tell she wasn’t really watching it, her mind was obviously elsewhere, and because I had known her so long I had I good idea where.

I sat down on the couch next to Cara and looked at her gazing off into space; it took her a while to realize I was there.  "You must have been thinking really hard. You didn't even notice me come in." "I was just thinking about dance. That's all. Sorry I didn't see you."

"No worries” I said waving her apology away, “Anyway, I've filled out my application. So what do you want to do tonight?"

"I don't know. I kind of feel like vegging out in front of a film. I'm knackered from my dance today."

"Alright then, what film?"

"I don't know, you pick."

I laughed, Cara knew I was crap at picking decent films but still she didn’t care so I flicked through the pile of DVDs I had brought from home and pulled out a film that I knew that both Cara and I loved.

“Right, how about The Devil Wears Prada and an 18” pizza to share ... ?” I suggested grabbing a pizza menu from the side and holding the menu in one hand and the DVD in the other. Cara screwed up her face in thought, “On me, as a treat ... And we'll even get it delivered so we dont have to go and get it” I said and Cara nodded, “Deal” she grinned.

“Excellent” I said with a small chuckle and I slumped down on the couch next to Cara and dialed the number for the pizza shop.

The End

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