Cara: FlatMature

When Anna arrived home, carrying her job application triumphantly, I had to wait for her to finish talking about how she hoped she'd get it before I told her about Amy and her offer.

"Wow Cara! That's amazing!"

"I know. I just... I think it would be too much to drop English and I don't want to press on her time..."

"Oh for goodness sake Cara, this woman is handing you a chance at what you want! Take it!"

I grinned.

"Ok." Anna hugged me and then hurried off to find the rest of our flatmates.

I sat on the sofa and switched the tv on. I wasn't really watching, I was thinking about todays dance class.

I'd enjoyed myself so much, it was incredible. I couldn't let that slip away. It would be silly, unthinkable. And Amy had been so adamant that I was good. But was it worth throwing everything away? Should I quit English and go to dance, or should I just take the offer of extra classes?

After half an hour of contemplating, I decided that I would do the extra classes, and see how I felt by the second year. I could always change then.

As I stopped thinking, I looked around. Anna was sat on the sofa staring at me.

"You must have been thinking really hard. You didn't even notice me come in." She looked a little worried.

"I was just thinking about dance. That's all. Sorry I didn't see you."

"No worries. Anyway, I've filled out my application. So what do you want to do tonight?"

"I don't know. I kind of feel like vegging out in front of a film. I'm knackered from my dance today."

"Alright then, what film?"

"I don't know, you pick."

The End

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