Anna: 'The Buzz'Mature

I skidded to a halt outside the lecture hall and quickly flattened down my un-brushed hair, muffled voices could be heard from inside which told me that the lecture had already begun. I slipped silently inside and perched on the edge of a seat at the back of the room.  The lecture hall was jam packed with students all listening intently to what the lecturer had to say who’s voice seemed to echo around the room magnifying it so that even the students at the back could hear exactly what was being said.

I yanked my notepad from my bag and began to scribble down the PowerPoint which was being shown, not taking any pride in the neatness of my writing in case I missed some vital information about the cause. Why oh why had I allowed myself to drink so much? It had been stupid!  Luckily for me, this lecture had only been an overview of what we were going to be studying within the first year and thankfully this meant that I didn’t have to shackle myself with the embarrassment of telling my lecturer that I had been late for her first lecture, real dedication that would have shown!

I figured I must have been quite late because the lecture appeared to finish not long after I had arrived, students filed out of the hall chatting animatedly to their friends about the lecture, “Psychology is incredible, wish you had taken it too you would have loved it” I overheard one girl who was talking to a redhead who had obviously been waiting outside for her friend to finish.

My stomach growled painfully and I decided that now I had some spare time on my hands, I might as well explore the campus and in particular the campus cafés in search of food. The hangover seemed to be ebbing away by now but that didn’t stop me feeling rough and suppressing a yawn every now and again.

‘The Buzz’ appeared to be the most popular café / coffee shop on campus and the university website and prospectus positively enthused about it. As the name suggests, it was popular because of 1) the friendly atmosphere it has making it a nice friendly place to be, and 2) because of its incredible location on campus. ‘The Buzz’ looked out over the river Wiske which ran right through the centre of campus, and it was lovely to be able to sit out the front of the café on a warm sunny day and a cold drink and look out at the river, and watch the swans glide graciously across the surface of the water creating ripples. 

As soon as I walked through the doors of ‘The Buzz’ the smell of fresh coffee hit my nostrils along with the sounds of many people chatting about their day and the clanking of cutlery onto plates. I slid into a chair into the corner of the café and dumped my bag down underneath the table, a waitress came bustling over to me, clutching a small notepad and a pen.

“Welcome to ‘The Buzz’ can I take your order please?” she chirped smiling down at me, her pen hovering over notepad as though she was itching to write something.

“Hi, yeah can I have a pot of tea and…” I glanced quickly down at the menu in front of me, “and a toasted teacake please?” I said smiling. The waitress nodded and hurried away.

I was quite enjoying the atmosphere at university; it made me feel independent,  or more so than I had done at home, my only source of independence at home had been my job, I had to hand in my notice at the job I had at home when I got a place at university so at the moment I was living off the student loan – not good.

I spotted the waitress who had served me weaving her way back towards me through the crowd of people holding a tray which she set down in front of me when she reached me.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” the waitress smiled and that was when a thought struck me,

“Actually yes there is, I don’t suppose you could get me an application form for a part time job here could you?”      

The End

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