Cara: DancingMature

Anna rushed out of the flat at full pace, unsurprisingly late after her wild night. I smiled and shook my head. Typical.

I'd already been to a lecture that morning; a nine o'clock lecture! I could tell I was going to hate that one. I went back in my room; all my things were unpacked and my room looked organised- I wasn't sure it would last though.

I pulled off my t-shirt and jeans, and threw on a sports bra and jacket, along with my joggers. Then I left the building and headed over to the dance studio.

I walked in to see a wooden sprung floor, mirrors lining one entire wall, and mats and a bar. It was perfect. I slung my bar down to the side and stretched. The woman at the front of desk said I would have an hour and a half before anyone wanted to use it, so I headed straight to the bar for a warm up.

I stretched my muscles for half an hour, and by the end of it I was sweating. Then I got to dancing.

I'd been dancing since I was three, and in the mirror I could see the toned muscles that proved it. Each jump was precise, each pirouette was spotted. Many of my friends had wondered why I hadn't chosen dance as my subject, and the fact was that I didn't think I was good enough. English took you more places than dance, and so I picked it. But as I danced around the studio I began to regret it. It felt right, this hard work, this physical joy. It felt incredible.

I was half way through a combination when the door opened and a woman appeared, her hair pulled up in a bobble and black three quaters and a black long armed crop top on. I stopped.

"No, carry on, you're good."  I blushed and shook my head, going to my bag to leave. "Hey wait a second, are you not in my class?"

"No, I'm an English student."

"Why?" She laughed. "You're clearly a dancer."

"English is safer, and I'm not good enough to get picked for dance."

"Look, I've just been watching you for ten minutes through the door. You're good. Why don't you stay for my class and if you enjoy it then you could swap."

"I really shouldn't." I said, although it was obvious I did want to. I so did.

"Stay. You don't have to swap. But I'd like to see you learning more about dance than letting that talent go to waste."

I blushed again and nodded. So I put my bag down and followed her to the centre. Soon other people arrived. They all smiled at me and I met a few. It was their first class.

We danced for two hours, and I was thoroughly worn out at the end of  it. As everyone grabbed their bags and began to leave, the teacher, whose name I had found out was Amy, came over.

"Cara, you did well. So are you going to swap?"

"I can't. I really want to, but I can't. I need a job, I need to have a steady one. I love dancing, but there's so many things that can go wrong."

"Sometimes you've got to take a chance."

"I know. But I can't with this. I just can't." My mum would kill me. Her mum had been a failed dancer, and she knew what it could do to people. She would hate me to be in that position. I couldn't bear to disappoint her.

"Well then, I'll see you at the next class."

"What?" I was shocked. Amy smiled.

"Someone who loves dance and performs as well as you shouldn't miss out just because she is scared of the future. I'd like you to come to classes. And if you can't make any because of English then I'll give you extra lessons. I think you could be a dancer. It's a shame this uni doesn't offer a joint course in English and Dance."

"I know, I was looking for that but there weren't any. Thank you, so so much!"

She grinned.

"Go on, before I change my mind." I practically skipped out of there. This was incredible! I had to tell Anna when I got back!



The End

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