Anna: I'm LateMature

I made my way into the mass of fresher’s who crowded the dance floor and started to bob my knees to the sound of the music, since the club was so crowded you couldn’t really dance much.

Matt kept buying my drink after drink and I was making no effort to pace myself, stupid stupid mistake; both Cara and I knew how wild I could get on a night out and I was soon whooping and flailing my arms around and generally making a Muppet of myself.

I downed a Jager bomb which Cara had bought me and started to make my way back towards the dance floor but I felt soft hands on my shoulders holding me back. “I think you should sit down and sober up a little bit Anna” Matt shouted over the music. I am not usually the aggressive type when I am drunk but on this occasion I yanked myself away from Matt’s grasp and almost skipped towards the dance floor.

The rays of light danced around the room in a blur of colour and my vision contorted, my eyes lost their focus and I felt as though I was falling but I knew I wasn’t. I shook my head, trying to regain my focus but it refused to return to me, next thing I knew I could feel hands on my body, soft hands, cool hands lowering my body onto something soft ... a bed? I tried to lift my head but it refused to move and I could hear muffled voices talking to each other but I couldn’t quite make out whose voices were whose. Next second silence fell over me and I was plunged into an alcohol induced slumber.


The beat of the music still reverberated though my head making it ache painfully,boyhad I drunk a lot, I opened my eyes to find myself laying fully dressed on my bed, sunlight streamed through the closed curtains heralding that it was in fact morning. I sat up in bed, perhaps a little too quickly as the feeling of being about to vomit threatened to overcome me.

I reached out and felt around on my bedside table for my mobile and checked the time, I had to look at the digits on the screen twice before the time actually registered, it was 10.45am, “Ah hell” I muttered jumping out of bed and pulling on some fresh clothes, ignoring another feeling of sickness.

“I’m late” I muttered running from the room, not even bothering to lock it.

I ran down the corridor towards the door out of halls, passing Cara in the corridor, “Ah it lives” she called after me, “Sorry cant chat” I shouted back, “I’m late”

The End

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