Cara: First night outMature

The lights flashed around the dance floor; rays of pink, blue and green lit up the dancing people. Kelly, Anna and I led the way to the dance floor while the boys followed, and soon we were rolling our hips and waving our hands in the air like there was no tomorrow.

I took a break and went to the bar, and as I ordered a drink, James came over.

"Let me get that." He said, handing over some money and ordering a shot.


"So, are you enjoying yourself?" He asked over all the music.

"Yeah, this is a really great club." I yelled back, watching the dancers on the floor.

"You want to dance?" He asked, passing me my drink.

"Yeah why not?" He gulped back his shot and I did the same, before letting him lead me on the dance floor. I danced in the usual club way, and then my favourite song came on. Dan was dancing next to us, eyeing up one of the men at the bar.

"Go speak to him." I yelled at him, pushing him in that direction. He did so, obviously feeling confident with the alcohol in his system.

"So James, what do you like to do?" I asked when we finally stopped dancing and sat at a table. Anna came over with Matt and Kelly to join us.

"I like playing guitar."

"I'd love to hear you play." I said, flirting a little because the guy was cute and he'd bought me a drink.

"Maybe I'll play for you tomorrow."

"I'd like that." I said, then my attention was caaught by Kelly who was pulling at my arm.

"Come dance again!" She said, so I curled my fingers in a sexy wave at James then grabbed Anna.

We all danced together, rolling against each other and laughing. It was hot and sweaty, the typical club scene, and I saw James watching me as they joined us again.

I'm not the type of girl that hooks up with a guy as soon as they meet. But I could definately flirt with him a little, just to get him interested. If I still wanted to flirt tomorrow I could, and if I realised it was the thrill and the alcohol that was making me that way then I wouldn't have to and he would put it down to me being tipsy.

The beauty of the excuse of drinking.

The End

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