Anna: Degree in Natural SciencesMature

I tapped my foot impatiently as Cara, James, Matt, Dan, Kelly and I waited to enter the club which was situated just outside campus. There were flocks of freshman’s waiting to get into the club and only two bouncers, and we were at the very back of the queue so I guessed it was going to take a while.

“Remember you owe me a drink” Cara said nudging me, I turned and looked at her, “Since when?” I asked my brow furrowed, “I’m just so awesome, youhaveto buy me a drink, and also I am going to need something to drink to show off my dancing” she said crossing her arms and nodding.

“If you say so Cara” I said as the queue moved forward.

As we neared the front of the queue, Cara became engrossed in conversation with Kelly so I turned and started to make conversation with Matt.

“Soo….” I said awkwardly looking up at Matt, who was just a little bit taller than me, “Soo….” Matt repeated, looking down at me with brown eyes. I smiled at him and he smiled back showing pearly white teeth which looked as though they must have had work done to look that nice.

“What are you studying then Matt?” I asked, trying to keep things casual, “I’m studying Natural Sciences, what about you?” he replied.

“Wow, you must be a real bright spark if you are studying Natural Sciences, I’m studying Psychology” I said looking down at my feet instead of his face as I suddenly felt dumb in comparison to Matt.

“Wow, I would have loved to do Psychology, but my father pushed in into doing Natural Sciences, he is convinced it will be better in the long run, but really all I ask myself is what will I do with a bloody degree in Natural Sciences?” Matt said, frowning slightly and looking slightly envious of me.”

“Aww I bet you can do loads with a degree in Natural Sciences, you can ….. Erm” I faltered, “See” he said holding his arms out, degree in Natural Sciences is worth as much as my sock to an employer …. Nothing” he said and I giggled.

The line moved again and after quickly flashing the bouncer on the door my ID we entered the club.  

The End

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