Cara: PartyingMature

Anna and I helped each other unpack, starting with her room, and then we went to mine.

"So, what do you think of James? Kind of cute huh?" I asked, wrestling pillows in to pillow cases.

"Yeah, he's not bad." She replied. "Where do you want this?" She was holding a framed photo of me and her, grinning at the camera.

"Under the bed where I can't see that horrible girl's face." I laughed, before taking the frame and placing it on my bed side table next to a photo of me and my mum. Anna tackled me and we struggled for a little while before we collapsed on to my bed laughing.

"You are mean you know." She laughed, poking me in the chest.

"Yeah but you love me." I laughed, before getting up and putting the finishing touches to my room. "There. All done."

We spent the next few hours chatting to everyone we could, before our dorm, made up of a group of six, decided to go out clubbing in the university club. Anna, James, and three others who were called Matt, Dan and Kelly joined me as we made our way across the pavement to the enterance. Crowds of other university students were also waiting to get in, so we used the time to get to know each other.

"So, I'm Kelly, and I'm doing English too." She said when I had introduced myself.

"Cool, so we'll be in the same lectures and stuff then." I said.

"Yeah. You might have to be my personal alarm clock though, because I am really bad at waking up." I laughed and nodded.

"I'll be up early trying to sneak in to the dance studio anyway, so I'll wake you up when I come back to shower."

"Awesome." She grinned.

Matt had engaged Anna in conversation, so I talked to Dan, Kelly and James. It appeared that Matt liked my friend.

"So Dan, what are you doing?" I asked, as we passed over our ID.

"I'm studying performance." He said, accepting his ID back off a bouncer.

"Oh I'm jealous! What do you do in that?"

"All aspects. Drama, dance, music, even lighting and sound."

"That sounds like an amazing course."

"It is. James told me you're a dancer. Why aren't you doing that at Uni?"

"English is more practical, and besides I love to write. Dance is something I wish I could do but haven't got the confidence to put my whole life in to."

"Well, you should come and sit in on some lessons."

"I'll ask." I grinned, then turned to link arms with Anna as we entered the club.

The End

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