Anna: UniversityMature

University. I didn’t feel old enough to be leaving home and going off to university, the start of my independence. I stood in awe for several minutes staring up at the large brick building which would be my home for the next 4 years.

My dad came up behind me carrying the last of my bags from the car and placed a hand on my shoulder, I turned and looked up into his smiling face, “I’m so proud of you Anna” he said kissing my forehead affectionately.

We made our way across the campus and towards the E block where I was staying, my head turning this way and that as we walked, my eyes trying to see everything at once. After scanning the brass numbers on each of the doors I finally found the room which I had been allocated and dumped my bags onto the bed. 

“There we are, I’ll let you get settled in then Anna” My dad said before pulling me into an hug, “I know your mother could be ever so proud of you too if she could see you now, our little girl is all grown up” my dad murmured and I felt one tear slip from my eye as I remembered my mum and I thought of how much I missed her.

After I had unpacked everything, I decided I would take a wander around and try to get my bearings, I walked into the lounge and there were already a few freshmen sitting on a leather sofa making polite conversation with each other. I sat down on a sofa next to a boy who looked as nervous as I felt, but as soon as I started talking to him he seemed to calm down.

Soon after, my best friend Cara wondered in and spotting me she hurried over, “Cara” I squealed, jumping up from the sofa and pulling her into a hug. "This is James, he's in B." I said, pulling out of the hug and sitting back down next to James.

"Hey, nice to meet you." He said, waving his hand, "Likewise." Cara said, sitting down next to me.

"So you two know each other then? James asked, “Since we were little” I said.

"And she's stalked me all the way to university." Cara said grinning, my eyes widened and I made a pretend shocked gasp before elbowing her softly, making James laugh.

“So what are you studying?” I asked James, “Biochemistry” he said puffing out his chest proudly,

"Ooh, a smart person!" Cara laughed. "I'm impressed."

"Cheers." He said, laughing awkwardly. "So what about you two?"

"I'm studying English." Cara said. "But if you can't find me reading I'll be in that fabulous dance studio that's just over there." Cara pointed out of the window to the sports facility.

"So you dance and quote poetry. A woman of many talents." He winked, and I laughed, I could tell that James was quite a ladies’ man and knew the tricks that could win a girls heart and a smart one at that!

“What are you studying then Anna?” James asked, “Psychology” I said with a smile, “Swat” Cara said grinning at me.

I could tell we were going to have fun at university.

The End

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