BitterSweet LoveMature

Two friends go to the same university and become entangled in relationships that may or may not be good for them. Will they find the one?

I dumped my heavy bag down on my new bed and glanced around. It was a nice room; 3/4 bed, a large desk, chair, wardrobe, en-suite, bookshelf. You could tell I was spending a little extra on the accomadation.

My mum followed me, pushing another heavy bag with her foot; she'd given up carrying it as soon as we reached the corridor.

"Right, that's everything." She said, her eyes a little watery. "Come here, my little girl."

I rolled my eyes but went to give her a hug. She squeezed me tight, then went off on one of those 'if you need anything' talks. After ten minutes we said out final goodbyes, and she left.

Here I was, at university. I began unpacking my things; just the necessary things like shampoo, toilet roll etc, and then decided to go and explore the kitchen/lounge. Perhaps some of my new room mates were there already.

Sure enough as I came through the door I saw Anna, my best friend, who was sharing this accomadation. We'd made sure we were together. She was sat on one of the leather sofas, chatting away to some guy who was sharing with us. They looked up as I got closer.

"Cara!" Anna squealed and hugged me. "This is James, he's in B."

"Hey, nice to meet you." He said, waving his hand.

"Likewise." I said, sitting down next to Anna.

"So you two know each other then?" James asked rhetorically, but Anna answered anyway.

"Since we were little."

"And she's stalked me all the way to university." I grinned. She elbowed me while James laughed.

"So what are you studying?" She asked, turning the conversation on James.


"Ooh, a smart person!" I laughed. "I'm impressed."

"Cheers." He said, slightly unsure about how to take the comment. "So what about you two?"

"I'm studying English." I said. "But if you can't find me reading I'll be in that fabulous dance studio that's just over there." I pointed out of the window to the sports facility.

"So you dance and quote poetry. A woman of many talents." He winked. I could tell he was using the same technique as I had when he had answered the same question, so grinned that we were able to joke with each other already.


The End

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