I:A name

I had escaped the underground area of the facillity where he and five other clones  lived.  The rest were in other centers like these around the city.  He knew this from when he overheard the guards talking.  He also knew that whatever the scientists were turning into was caused by a form of gas.  He had seen a open valve spewing some yellowish gas into the air.  Wait.  Yellow.  Y-matter!  Evaporated Y-matter?  That makes no sence.  Unless somone superheated the matter to.....make clones.  They must have been trying to make mk.2 clones when the gas must have escaped the containment area on the top floor.  So they must have known about the gas!  Those idiots!  His theory was interupted by gunfire.  Somewhere close.  He had never been in this section before, but he guessed that there must be a main room.  where the battle was.  As he ran down the halls twoard the sounds of gunfire, I  wondered if he should give himself a name.  Starting with I.  Izan.  Yes Izan, it would do as his new name.  Then he stopped, the gunfire was coming from infront of him.   There infront of him stood a pair of guards each with automatic rifles.  They were opening fire on a oncoming wave of monsters.  These ones were more deformed than ever.  One had bits of spine sticking through the back of it's rotting flesh.  Then one of the guards heard Izan and turned around.  He jumped back and squeezed the trigger.

The End

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