In the near future a substance called y-matter is discovered. It proves exellent for cloning usages. Enough of it is discovered to create batch A of prototype clones. Each one had something odd though. They all seemed to have unique powers. That's when everything went bad. Y-matter had a byproduct. A gas. This gas caused people to.....change. Change into freakish monsters. The clones seem resistent to the disease. They may be the light in the dark.

I woke in the cloning center.  His eyes darted about his room.  "Sleep well I."  He looked at the microphone that said those exact words.  "No.  I  had the dream."  There was a silence.  "Tell me again what that dream was."   I paused and thought for a moment.  "Every time I see it I remember more of it.  This time I remember the same begining.  It's a man in a lab coat saying i'm special.  That is how it starts.  Every time.  Then I see the same man.  Aging rapidly,  he ages and ages until.  All that's left is his skeleton.  Now I see that skeleton get tossed into a  pit of slimey clear yellow liquid.  Thats me isn't it.  I was cloned from a reaserchers skeleton."  The microphone stayed silent.  C narrowed his eyes.  He moved over to the microphone.  He starred at it.  "His name was george.  Your internal skelton has his design."  Suddenly a loud siren went off.  "WARNING.  UNKNOWN BIOCONTAMENENT."  "I get out of here!"  I obeyed the man a the microphone.  He ran out of his room and into the gymnaisium.  The place was bathed in red light from the alert system.  I squinted.  The door was at the other end of the room.  I began to run twoard it when he heard a unhuman growl .  His eye twitched to the side and he saw something running twoard him.  He spun around as the thing hit him.  He held his ground.  Locked against the large creature.  He looked at it.  It snarled.  It was humanoid.  It tried to bite him.  It's ugly teeth tried to latch on.  But he quickly smashed his knee into the thing sending it back.  He couldn't beat this thing he turned and ran twoard the door.  The thing charged after him.  I was almost to the door when he spun around.  Why he did it is unknown.  But instead of running, charged the thing.  He judged that a punch angled 130 degrees high would cause it to collapse.  He crashed into the thing.  Fist in it's gut.  As predicted the thing collaspsed.  From there I leaped on the things back.  I somhow knew exaclly where to snap on the neck in order to kill the thing.  Now he knew what his name "I" ment.  Intellegence.  That was his power.  With no time to waste I ran to the door.

The End

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