Aria: Brainwave

I turned around briefly to smile at the new member of our group before looking back at my screen.  I didn't get on well with computers in general and one this high-tec could go seriously wrong for me.

I opened up a search engine, good old Google.  Nothing seemed to have exploded yet.  I began searchingfor information, using keywords a secret organisation would use.  Nothing.  I tapped my fingers on the desk trying to think of something to do.  I had an idea and my fingers started typing again.  Success.

I opened up the homepage of the website of one of my father's work associates, John Stanley.  I knew from previous experience that he was involved in something dodgy, possibly to do with the weapons Simone had mentioned.

'Hey guys!'  I called the others over.  Mr X leaned over my shoulder staring intently at my screen.  'This is John Stanley, big business tycoon but no-one is sure what he actually does.  He worked with my father on one of his projects but dad found out there was more to Stanley than he was letting on and the two of them parted company.  Illegal weapons trading is big money which would explain where he got his millions from.  Could this be our guy?'

The End

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