Velia: Finally

‘‘I agree. Let’s get to work’’

I looked on as the group in front of me started to disperse and stepped forward hesitantly clearing my throat. The tall, well built guy who seemed to take charge of the others looked around startled. Everyone else spun round curious to see what had startled their comrade, ‘‘who are you?’’ tall and muscly said recovering from his thoughts. ‘’erm Hi I know I’m really late but I had some business to attend to and then the journey here took longer than expected and…….well yeh I’m Velia er V for short’’

‘‘oh we thought you’d decided to drop it. Well I’m Mr X, this is Simone, Aria and Rick. We were just discussing our first mission.’’

I stopped worrying my lip and sighed a sigh of relief ‘‘sounds good someone update me?’’

The tanned girl walked, sachayed would be a better description, over and handed me a file before going back to the others and doing whatever they were doing before I interrupted. I did a quick scan of the file and looked up and up again into piercingly blue eyes, ‘‘welcome to the team’’ he said pushing his hand out I looked down past the white t-shirt down to is hand and reached out to grasp it. Just before our hands touched my cell rang and I took it out my pocket, reading the caller ID, ‘Katya’ damn ‘‘erm I’ve got to take this sorry’’


The End

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