It was amazing. I stepped in to the newly developed HQ, and it almost took my breathe away. Such detail and gadgets. I had to admit, I was impressed with 'Mr X's' management of the whole thing.

And now we sat down to business. I sat in my chair and looked at the computer screen. I tapped a few keys and then sent the image to the main screen.

"So guys, what do you think?"

"Ok, how did you know how to do that?" said Aria.

"Practice." I grinned at her. "This is an organisation which deals in arms to enemies of europe. No one knows the identity of the man in charge, they do know he's a man, they know he's a womanizer, because of the amount of women he goes through and then has killed. I would say this is a fabulous candidate for our first mission."

"I agree. Let's get to work."

The End

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