Mr X: HQ

 "This is our HQ." I exclaimed, gesturing to the cave. I turned back to their blank faces. I knew what they were thinking. I laughed,

 "Oh, no. We're going to do it up to make it a fantasic HQ. It will be all metal, we'll have gadgets everywhere, it will look so cool. I can promise you that." I said, pointing at where everything was going to go. It was going to be ultra-cool.

 'It'll work out perfectly.' I thought to myself, smiling.

 Everyone seemed very excited about HQ, as was I, and we were all planning on what to make it look like. Luckily, I planned for...Planning. I got out an enormous notepad, and a marker. I pinned the pad to the wall.

 Everyone started to draw up plans of what it would look like. This was going to be great.

The End

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