Aria: Is this it?

Another guy ran up the hill to join us.  I could only describe him as dark.  Dark hair, dark clothes, in fact the only thing that caught my eye was the intense green of his eyes.

'Hi Simone, and Aria.'  He waved at us and I waved back and stood up.

'I think we should go see what the plan is,' I said to Simone.  She nodded and we walked over to where the new guy, Rick, and Mr X were standing.  'So who else are we expecting or is this it?'

'I think we should start but I'm not sure if anyone else is going to turn up.'  Mr X checked his watch.

'If anyone new turns up then we can quickly update them as to what's happening and carry on.  That seems sensible, rather than just waiting for people who might not be coming.'  I suggested.  The others nodded and we sat in a circle so we were all facing each other.

'Right then.  We all know why we're here,'  Mr X began.  'To rid the world of baddies by any means possible.'

'I'm not sure I fully understand.  I mean, I get the general principal of what we're trying to do but I don't know how we are going to do it.  I mean, we're going to have everyone fighting against us, the police for one.'  I addressed the rest of the group.

'That is where money comes in handy.  Using our fortunes we can create gadgets and disguises so no-one will know who we are and stop us from being caught.'  Mr X said it like it was so simple.

'We need a HQ.'  Simone pointed out.  'Every crime fighter needs an HQ.'

'This is our HQ.'  Mr X motioned to the cave.

The End

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