"So what now?" Aria said. She was very pretty but obviously didn't know it, and I looked forward to getting to know her.

"We wait for the others." Just then my phone rang. I flicked it open.

"Si?" It was Rafael. He began complaining about being left behind, feeling neglected. "¡Hágale le se calla arsehole ignorante!"

"Ah es siempre acerca de usted no es"

"¡No es siempre acerca de usted!" The others were looking at me confused, so i decided it was time to go. "Estoy ocupado, hablaré con usted más tarde. Adiós." I closed my phone and turned it off. "Sorry, business."

"What were you saying?" Aria asked.

"Nothing in particular."

"It's just I swear you said he was an ignorant arsehole?"

"Ah, yes. Well, he is." I smiled at her and mouthed "Men". She nodded in agreement. I could tell we were going to get along.

The End

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