Aria: I'm late!

My plane was delayed because of bad weather and as I landed I couldn't stop looking at my watch.  I was due at twelve and it was now quarter to.  Luckily I could pull some strings to speed up my exit from the airport.  I knew I should have travelled the day before.

I grabbed my plain canvas bag from the trolley and avoided the car my father had arranged to escort me to the cave.  I didn't want to be driven round in that black monstrosity, it was so embarressing.  I got a cab instead and walked the rest of the way up the hill to the cave.

I wasn't very late but from what I knew about the others they liked to be punctual.  I ran the last bit, my bags still in my hands.  There were only two others standing in the cave, a man and a woman.  I suddenly felt seriously underdressed.  The woman looked stunning in her red and black dress and I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  OK so they were designer jeans and t-shirt, tight fitting and tidy but I still wasn't in the same league as her.

'Hello.  I'm not too late am I?'

'No come over.'  The man motioned for me to join them.

'I'm Simone.'  The woman held out her hand which I shook.

'Nice to meet you Simone.  I'm Aria.'  I pushed my messy blonde hair back from my face and smiled openly.

'Mr X.'  The guy also shook my hand.

'Classic name, if I may say so.'  I dropped my bags in a corner and turned to face them.  'So what now?'

The End

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