Mr X: Wednesday

 Well, here's Wednesday, and it's exactly eleven fifty-one. Nine more, minutes, and the meeting would be in session. I looked around the empty cave. Maybe the meeting wouldn't start.

 I waited for eight minutes, and I was getting especially anxious now. I'd always known that no-one would listen to me. No-one would come.

 It turns to twelve o'clock, and I tear my eyes away from the ceiling of the cave to look at the opening. There stood a woman. Simone.

 "Sorry, I'm late" she muttered, hurrying into the cave,

 "No your not. It's still twelve" I stated,

 "Yes! I'm twelve seconds late! I'm always exactly on time!" she gasped. I rolled my eyes.

 "Well, I'm the only one who knows that you were late, so I wont tell anyone." I assure her, sitting on a large rock. She rolled her eyes and sat on the rock next to mine.

 All we could do was wait for the others to arrive.


The End

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