Simone:Preparing for the meeting.

"And who is the limo for Miss?"

"Simone Rivera."

"The Simone Rivera?"


"Ah, then we shall see she gets our finest champagne."

"Thank you." I put the phone down and settled back in to my chair. "Madre, I am going out of town for a few days." My mother turned in her chair and looked at me.

"Going where?"

"To visit some friends in the city."

"Very well, but I don't want you forgetting about Rafael while you're gone."

"Madre, I have already told you, Rafael is not worth my time. He has many women, and I do not intend to become one of them for a business oppertunity."

"You have too much of your father in you sometimes."

"Yes Madre. Now I must pack. Excuse me." I kissed her on the cheek and left.

I reached my room and opened my suitcase. In to it went several beautiful dresses, mostly red, and a few casual garments all of which were tailored to show off my figure and show to everyone why I am the queen of fashion.

I hoped that when the meeting came together I would find some interesting people, not self absorbed like Rafael. And also, that we would be sent on a mission of some sort. I would leave this afternoon to get there a day early and set up in a hotel room. And to make an impact, I had picked out a special outfit. Red and black material in a graceful, tight, long dress. I couldn't wait to meet my fellow billionare super heroes.

The End

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