Billionaire Rulers

A group of billionaires decide to create a secret club, and be spies. The fact that they have lots of money, makes it possible to create, buy and hire gadgets, and their ultimate mission is to rid the world of...Bad people.
Literally like your ordinary, non-super powered super spies.

 Mr X. A cool nickname, but used many times before. But that's what makes it so hard for anyone to pin point anything on me.

 I'm not gonna say my real name, because I might be found out, but-

 "Nick!" Damn my mother, "Nick! What are you doing in there?"

 "Writing in my diary!" I yell back harshly.

 Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I was about to talk about my secret plan. It's to take over the world. Nah, I'm joking. It's the opposite...Kind of. My plan is to get rid of the bad guys that want to take over the world, or any other bad guys.

 I would never be able to do this alone, which is good. Because I'm not. I'm part of a secret online club of billionaires. There aren't many people, but there's enough money involved to take over the world...But we don't want to do that.

 We haven't met yet, but we are planning to do that on Wednesday 21st April, 2010. That's this Wednesday. This club may be doing good for the world, but for some reason, it's still illegal. So we keep this club on the down-low.

 I can't wait for Wednesday, when I can finally meet my fellow billionaire super-hero-spies.

The End

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