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"Death is inevitable, like the fall of autumn leaves. At least, that's what you would say, isn't that right, Jenna?" Alex Crowley, general evil-doer and nemesis to the LeStrange children waved his hands operatically as he taunted the sole female of the trio. The girl shot him a savage look. 
"You may have us tied up, but no bondage nor buffoon can ensnare us for long!"

"Such spirit, girl, and all in the face of certain death." Crowley smiled and spun around, making his black cape billow behind him. "The TNT is all set on the dining car, and while you three huddle in terror in this storage room, the fuses will burn away until BOOM! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" The tall, blonde man made his departure and slammed the sliding wooden door behind them, plunging the room into darkness, save a dim bulb overhead. William, being the eldest, was already concocting a plan.

"Alright, Jenna, I'm going to use a skill my father taught me when I was training to be a banker, the proper use of a letter opener." The young man masterfully slipped a small, dull dagger down from his sleeve, much like how he would slip lies past the ears of a dim-witted jury. It fell into his palm and he took the tiny handle in his grasp.

"We'll be out of here in no less than an hour!" he said as he went to cutting away at the thick ropes around them.

"Won't the dynamite have gone off by then?" asked the youngest, Billy.

Jenna scoffed.

"Don't be preposterous, Billy, we'll be fine. Just as the bluebird calls in the morning, this trial shall be overcome."

"What's that from?" asked William, still sawing away. 

"Oh, my own poem, "Tales of Regalia, How a Poet Sees." She looked off and mused as she said aloud the title.

Billy began crying. "We're going to die!"

William glared at the boy. "D-do you not see this?" He motioned his head to the letter opener, which had made near to no progress on the ropes. 

Just then, the door opened and one of the servers for the dining car entered, shocked to find three people tied up and sitting in the darkness. 

"Ah, lucky that. We were pretty screwed," said William under his breath to Jenna. "Hey, Jenna, use your linguistic skills to get this guy to let us out."

She nodded. "Of course. Umm, kind sir, would you find it in your soft beating hart to disavow such notions you have of this passing situation and set us free from the ties that which bind?"

The man stared, mouth agape. "Umm. Ok."

The trio bolted for the train car's door. They were halfway to the other car when Billy stopped them. "Shouldn't we warn the rest of the car about the bombs?" he shouted over the racing wind. William and Jenna exchanged glances. 

"Oy, everyone! There's TNT on the dining car! Follow us!" William waved everyone over, but the other passengers seemed less that perturbed by his outburst. "Well, we tried! Come on, guys!" Just as the kids escaped to the safety of the next car, Jenna turned around and unhinged the dining car. They slammed the door behind them and a terrible explosion could be heard, nearly rocking the front of the train off the tracks. The LeStrange's had done it again. 

The End

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