Week 2 Prompt 1Mature

Writing Prompt: Write a short story of 500 words or under starting with the sentence: Death is inevitable, like the fall of the autumn leaves. Give it whatever title you wish...

Death is inevitable, like the fall of the autumn leaves. Garrett knew this better than most. Death is a part of his everyday life. He looked down on the mangled corpses he had woken up next to, and felt almost no remorse. I am what I am. He thought. Though, his Mother would be turning in her grave at the thought. She had always been a big advocate for peace between the races, protecting the humans.

Fat load of good that did her. Humans had discovered what she was and burned their house to the ground, trying their hardest to ensure his Mother was still inside. He could still remember the plumes of cloying smoke in the night air, the flames licking the sky like a scorned lover. He shook his head. It did no good to dwell on the past. He stood slowly. brushing the dirt from his knees. Twigs and leaves fell from his shoulder length jet black hair as he ruffled it.

He didn't enjoy the killing, per say, but once in wolf form, he had to pretty much give in to the beast. He had been since she had left him. His mate, or he had thought she was, though she did not return the sentiment. He used to be one of the most controlled wolves in his pack, until she had left. After that, well, he just snapped. Waking up in a pile of dead people was becoming the norm.

"Garrett?" A female voice called out through the trees. He didn't recognise it. He dropped into an aggressive stance, lips pulled back from his teeth in a snarl. It didn't seem right coming from a human body, but none the less, nearby animals scattered. They knew when a Wolf was present.

A woman, tall, with long blonde hair swinging behind her neck in a pony tail, walked confidently into the clearing. She looked down to the bodies with disdain. "Really? What would your Mother say?" Garrett snarled louder.

"Do not speak of her stranger."

"Ooh, someone's touchy." Contrary to her words and confident stance she slunk lower, eyes not meeting his. Submitting to him. The wolf inside him stirred, responding to her body language. He stepped forward, still growling, then lowered his mouth to her neck, nipping it lightly.

He stood, clearing his throat, his dominance established, his wolf felt more comfortable. "What do you want?"

"I'm your true mate Garrett, I am Omega to your Alpha, and I am here to bring you back to your pack."

The End

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