Saturday Week OneMature

Writing Prompt: Take your favourite quote from your favourite book and use it as the title of a short story, of no more than 500 words. The story must relate to the title.

Let's go, Kitten, before you kill someone else. (Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost)

Kitten shook her head. She would never get over the ridiculous name her Mother had given her at birth. She must have been on crack or something. Kitten surmised to herself. She pulled on her faded leather jacket, flinging her vibrant violet hair over her shoulder. She looked to her boyfriend, Klaus. His white blonde hair was short, and spiky, his black vest fitting his muscular body well. She smiled, walking confidently toward him. Her stilettos clacked on the floor. She didn't care for the man of course, he was just, another ode to her Mother. Another way of saying, that Kitten was not like her namesake.

He pulled her into a kiss, and she kissed him back, though, she didn't put any feeling into it. There couldn't be. Not for someone in her job. Around her, was the blood of the man whose throat she had just cut. She pulled a small can of spray paint from her pocket. Spraying it over the blood, she looked up at him with a shrug. "This one had to die. I had a contract."

Klaus shook his head. "They always do babe. But I don't know if I can keep up this façade anymore. My 'rents are starting to think I'm acting weird, their asking questions that I can't answer."

So he's going to snap under the pressure. I can't let that happen. Shame. She finished up spraying and stood slowly. That spray was a God send. Paint that could cover up blood, so that no one could ever recover the DNA, no one would know it was even there. She walked over to Klaus slowly, smiling. Her eyes were blank, in her head nothing but static, a void. The only way she could do this job, kill people, without thinking about it too much.

Her Boss said it was a gift. To Kitten, it was almost reflex now. She grabbed either side of his face, and kissed him passionately. A goodbye kiss. She twisted roughly, snapping his neck. His body fell to the floor with a loud thump. Another one to clean up. Guess he was right, I did kill someone else.

She crouched by his body, taking the money from his wallet. He's not going to miss this. She would get paid a hundred grand for the contract she had just completed, but, waste not want not, right? And to think, my Mother thinks I'm a successful investor.

The End

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