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Writing prompt: "What do you mean?" (Taken from 'Sunnyside' by Glen David Gold)

"What do you mean?" she asked, her forehead crinkling as the teen explained the mechanics of the strange cylindrical device he held in his hands. 

This scientist, this boy thought he had created a way to stop death. He believed that with this metal tube he could save lives. 

"Here," he said to her, "I'll show you."

And with that, he strided out of the office they were in, and she followed him, forgetting the doctor's order to wait there. She followed him out, coming to a room where no panicked orders were being sent in a flurry across the room, but where instead the quiet resignation of death lay over the room, a solemn knowledge interrupted occasionally by the sounds of quiet sobbing, and the whisper of mommy I'm scared to die.

The scientist walked confidently into the room, and placed one end of the cylinder on the little girl's chest. She was so weak and scared and so dying that she didn't even protest. Her family just watched intently. 

And it saved her. But with a life for a life. The brilliant boy was gone.

The End

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