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What is he going on about? (Taken from Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley)

"What is he goin on about? Get that guy down from there!" said the captain. A hard rain blasted down on the docks and the professor was still aboard the ship, shouting something to the deck hands unloading cargo, impossible to hear in the storm.

"We're late already! Get him down!" Two men rushed up to the deck and escorted the extatic man off the ship. He immediately ran to the captain.

"We have to send all that back! Sink the ship! Whatever you have to do, don't bring it on land!" he said, rain water completely covering his coat.

The captain was furious. "I let you on that ship because the museum was funding us, but this! This is too much! Impeding our work! Now get out of the way!" He stormed past the man in glasses and headed for the ship. The professor followed.

"It's not safe! Hey!" He grabbed the captain by the shoulders, forcing him to turn around. "I translated the texts on the way back! The ones we found with the crates!"

"Do I have to have you arrested?!" The seaman was ready to attack. "Legends?! Ancient warnings?! Have you lost your mind?!" Once again he broke from the professor.

He had no choice. The squirrely man would have to do something. If not, the whole town could be consumed by the curse. He produced a small knife from his pocket and started for the captain, his footsteps muffled by the rain.

"NAAAAAAH!" He screamed as he plunged the blade for his back. The seaman whipped around, eyes wide. Sharp metal drove into his collar bone. The two men wrestled with each other as a lighting bolt flashed, casting wild shadows of the struggle against the side of the ship. The captain tore the knife from his body and said, "I'll send you to your death, you fucking-asshole..." The captain suddenly burst into laughter. The professor bent over, hands on his kness.

"Come on. Again?"

"CUUUUUUUT!" said the director over his megaphone. "Get that rainstorm off! Cut those fans!" He burst from his chair and stalked over to the actor, who was still chuckling.

"What? What is it? What is so funny about being stabbed?"

The actor mouthed, "I don't know," then doubled over.

It was a shitty day, thought Max Prestige, Director of Dead in Detroit. A really shitty day.

The End

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